Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Do You Value?

It really is true that $1,000,000 will not buy what it used to! For example, recently a comic book that originally costs 10 cents sold for - you know it - $1,000,000! Of course, the comic book was the produced in 1938 and was the first Superman comic book. Even those who are avid collectors were stunned by the price - a measly $400,000 was the previous record for a similar item. Wow - someone really valued that Superman comic book!

Value - now there is an interesting concept. What do you value? For some, value is all about stuff - houses, cars, boats, gadgets, etc. For some, its position. Titles, promotions, being in charge, power, etc. For some, its time. Time to relax, to pursue their interests, time away from pressure and demands, time with friends, etc. What we value says a great deal about us - it often defines us to others without us saying a word.

When I ask myself this question the answer was in my daily calendar - it is what you do everyday - the way you live that tells the story. You can also clearly see what you value by looking through your financial transactions, your checkbook - how you spent your money and what dominates the list.

Jesus had these sayings that are just floor me - like this one -
"What will it profit a person, if they gain the whole world and lose their soul?"

The quickest way to "lose your soul" is to sell your soul for the sake of the stuff of this world.

Value - what about love, joy, peace, patience and all those virtues that shape our lives to help us see what really matters - now that is worth $1,000,000 and much more!

Just thinking, Steve


  1. Christ calls us to give up those worldly values and take up our cross and follow him. He told the rich young ruler to give all his stuff up. And when people ask what that looks like, what should we say. Just as your blog reminds us, live a life of love, joy, peace, patience while serving God.

    Thanks Brother

  2. If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it. ....................................................