Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who Dat?

I always watch the Super Bowl. I would feel Un-American and out of touch to not watch it. The hype drives me nuts. The games are often boring but I resign myself to the duty of watching it each year.

But this year, there was something different about this normally over blown and over hyped event - it meant something more than football. After all it was the Cinderella story of football - the New Orleans Saints finally in the Super Bowl after decades of mediocre teams and lack of success. But, of course, the real story is of a city crushed by the worst national disaster in the history of our nation and the lives that have been changed forever, as a result. The success of the Saints became a new beacon of hope for a city trying to rebuild.

I was having lunch this week and in walked a group of New Orleans fans chanting, "Who Dat? Who Dat?" The "Who Dat Nation" is living in the afterglow of an unlikely and remarkable story of victory!

The joy of seeing an underdog excel and succeed is like nothing else. It gives all of us hope that we too can fight our way through adversity, through the challenges we face, and be successful in life.

My problems and challenges seem rather small today - no more grumbling or complaining for me - dedication, desire, and the generous blessing of God with get me through!

Who Dat!

Just thinking, Steve

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