Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Last Season

My confession of the week is that my wife and I watch "Lost", the television series. I am so thankful that this is the final season. I am not sure what it is I like about this odd and confusing program. Perhaps that is the secret: it is odd and confusing. One of the ways the creators of "Lost" keep you lost, is by bouncing around in time and space. Is it now or is it later or is it before? Does anyone know what time it is? The characters remind me of people I have known over the years - I will not reveal names to protect the innocent. In this series, dying does not get you off the show - you simply reappear in a different time and place. Time travel in this series is as common as changing planes in Dallas, Houston or Los Angeles.

There are television programs that I watched in years past that truly were awful. I was a faithful viewer of "Kung Fu" - when I think about it I am horribly embarrassed. On Sunday evenings, I believe, my family gathered around the TV to watch "Bonanza" - when I see a rerun it makes my skin crawl. What were we thinking? Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe were the world's worst Cowboys - the acting and script is so bad, it is laughable. Our family loved this terrible show - what was wrong with us and the millions of others like us?

As bad as all that television was it cannot compare to the horrible addiction to "reality TV" - this is proof that the decline of Western Civilization is well underway. The furthermost thing from reality is of course any reality program that is on the air.

All of this reminds me that there is no reasonable explanation for people's tastes in television, movies, music, politics, sports, etc. - it is one of life's genuine mysteries. My personal taste is so strange that it would make yours look normal, I am sure.

Week after week, we will find time, via our DVR, to watch one more espisode of "Lost", so we can scratch our head and discuss over popcorn what we think is coming next.

Just a reflection about all this: Isn't it wonderful that we are all so different? Who wants to be a clone? I find people so interesting simply because of our different tastes, different interests, and different ways of seeing the same thing.

It makes my job and life interesting and challenging every day. I like that.

Just thinking, Steve

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