Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Friends

Our dear friend, Larry, died last Friday. It was a shock like nothing I can ever recall. Friends came from all over the community to the hospital, all of us in shock. Larry was a one of kind guy. Genuine, loving, positive, determined, gifted, a get things done person - so smart and talented and yet so self-effacing - humble - what a remarkable person.

The thing that caught my attention is that all of his friends were convinced that they were his "best friend" - that includes me. What does it say about a person that all his friends believed he truly cared for them deeply? Larry knew the art of friend making and he made all of us feel as if we were his very, best friend. That is so powerful.

I want to be that kind of friend to others. I am inspired by his example and determined to make friendship a priority in my life.

I asked my Granddaughter Ella what BFF stands for she smiled and said, "Best Friends Forever", Papa!

Hey Larry - BFF! We take the challenge to be outstanding friend makers! Thanks for teaching us by your example!

Just thinking, Steve


  1. After Larry’s memorial service I heard people say that they hope people will be able to say the things that were said of Larry at their funeral/memorial services. I even thought that during the service. Your post reminds us that it is entirely up to us. We have to make the effort now to show such an outpouring of Christ’s love that it results in genuine friendships. And in that a life can truly be celebrated!

    Thanks Brother!

  2. I was honored to have a part in the service. The baton has been passed - time to run the race with joy! Thanks D Man!

  3. Steve, thanks for putting so many of our thoughts into words. Sara and I were able to share our thoughts so well...we think alike. We both agreed two things are very important/necessary...the joy of walking with our Lord and relationships. I wouldn't trade 'all the tea in China' for our relationships. God blesses us with friends that will affect us in a burst of exponential blessings...to the finish line. BFF