Thursday, January 7, 2010

Longhorn Memories

Tonight the Texas Longhorns will play for the National Championship in College Football, facing the University of Alabama, a formidable opponent to be sure. I have no predictions about the game but I will be watching with all the millions of fans, personally hoping for a Longhorn victory.

My memories of Longhorn football go back to the days when they dominated college football without ever throwing a pass. Coach Royal did not know any pass plays and did not trust them, if he did. It was run up the middle, run to the right, run to the left - touchdown! For a football purest it was great but for many it was just boring. My High School coach took us to a Longhorn game each year in Austin - it was amazing - thousands of people - horrible traffic jam - and seats in the end zone. We loved it and secretly dreamed of one day being a Longhorn ourselves. I don't know how they overlooked my talent but somehow they did.

One year we went to Austin and spent the week-end with some friends - they lived just a few blocks from the Stadium and so we walked to the game. We felt like hometown folks - not fighting the traffic and walking right into the stadium - after the game we strolled home celebrating another victory and laughing at all the people in the traffic jams!

Despite the fact that people will live and die with each play tonight, tomorrow life will go on and the game will be history. The coaches will be second guessed, the officials will be vilified, and the cheerleaders will be so glad the season is finally over! The respective Universities will walk away with millions and a few of the players will go on to play in the NFL.

The game of life is more than a highlight film - more than just a big event - it is the daily journey of living, loving, working, trying, failing, trying again, succeeding, and so much more! The game of life is the one that really counts - give it your all - enjoy the adventure -forgive often - love always - trust God - follow Jesus! That's the good life!

Just thinking, Steve

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