Thursday, January 14, 2010

At the Movies

I love movies. Thankfully my wife of 36 years loves them too. We watch more movies than most people. We get two or three movies a week through the mail and usually watch that many each week. The convenience of movies on DVD is still so amazing to a non-geek guy like me - I know that the newest technology will soon make DVDs like cassette tapes and eight track players something of the distant past. For now, I am happy being able to see and experience these movies in the comfort of my home, eating my own excellent, low-cost popcorn.

During the recent Christmas holidays there were a number of new movies that debuted and so we ventured out to the Theater to see a few of them. I love the sound system and the big screen and even most of the fragrances of the movie house. There are one or two smells that I could do with out - something like road kill is under the seats in some older movie places. I love seeing people come out of a movie and talking and laughing or even with tears in their eyes. The experience of movies on the big screen and among people is unique and can be very moving.

What I cannot get over is how expensive it is to buy a bag of popcorn, a soft drink and a bag of M&M's. It shocks me every time I go. I faintly remember going to the movies on a Sunday afternoon, watching a double feature, getting a big coke, popcorn, and candy and the total cost including the ticket was one dollar. That is the problem with a good memory of the past. Honestly, I know that the owners of Theater's have to make a profit and they make most of it from the junk at the concession stand. What I cannot imagine is going to the movies if you had a large family - you would have to cash in your 401K!

I am going to the movies tonight - I have the best seat in the house right next to the cutest girl in California or Texas - and the popcorn will be so good and so cheap!

See you at the movies - just thinking, Steve

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