Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skipping School on Campus

My Grandson is in Kindergarten now and still getting adjusted to the idea that you have to go 5 days a week and stay all day! I don't blame him. I remember trying to find any way I could to get out of class.

I loved school assemblies because we got out of class. We had a guy bring all these birds of prey and had them fly out over the audience - he did not know what a risk he was taking with all the rednecks and hunters in my school! One guy came and whistled for a full hour - various popular tunes - he was the fellow who whistled that tune at the opening of the Andy Griffith show. Very famous to all the Opie fans and there were plenty in that crowd. My all time favorite all school assembly was when a choral and musical group from a San Antonio High School came and sang and performed. The girls were the cutest girls I had ever seen and I immediately fell in love with two or three of them. I am sure the feeling was mutual.

School is important. I ended up going a total of 20 years before I finished all my grad school work. For the most part, I really loved school. But I still recall with joy, the days I found a way to skip out on class, even without leaving the campus. Football, basketball, track, one act plays, even FFA field trips - any excuse to get out of class was good enough for me!

My Granddaughter loves school - my Grandson said, "actually I don't love it." He is enjoying it more now. My very first teacher was Mrs. Wimberly - she played the piano and let us take a nap after lunch. I still recall the fragrance of "Jungle Gardenia" when she leaned over my desk to help me with my printing. I need that kind of schedule and kindness now - where is she when I need her!

Bless our schools and all those motley little kids that roam the halls - bless the teachers and bosses and the cafeteria workers and bus drivers - bless them Lord!

Just thinking, Steve

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