Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rude is Not Cool

I am so tired of rude behavior in people. Rude seems to be ruling the day. Celebrities are rude, politicians are rude, drivers are rude, athletes are rude, parents are rude, children are rude, preachers are rude - rude is everywhere.

I'm starting my own personal plan to be polite and courteous. My Mother would be proud. She hated rude behavior and would not tolerate it in her son.

Today I was polite to the dear person who waited on me at the restaurant. I wonder how many people will be rude to her during her shift. My suspicion is that rudeness is something she deals with on a regular basis. When I looked at her I thought of my dear wife who waited tables when we were in College and thought of the times people were rude and demanding toward her. Rude is not cool.

The dear man who slowly counted out his change at the store today was greeted graciously by the fellow behind the counter - it made me feel good to see him treat this man with gentleness and respect. The guy behind who was grumbling finally put his items down and walked out in a huff. We all just laughed at him. Jerks are a dime a dozen - people with class are a treasure.

Just call me "Mr. Polite" - go ahead make my day!

Just thinking, Steve

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