Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hanging On To My Clunker

I read this morning that nearly 700,000 cars were sold during the Cash for Clunkers program. I have a clunker and I am hanging on to mine. It has 200,000 miles, uses a bit of oil, but still gets me to the church on time.

I love getting all I can out of whatever I buy. Some people call me "tight" or "cheap", but I just enjoy seeing how long things will last. I have items in my garage that I have had for more than three decades - they work fine. What is wrong with hanging on to things instead of constantly feeling compelled to get a new gadget or new toy or new computer.

I could go buy a new car or new boat or a new bike but after the first ride it would be used. Things always lose their newness - one or two times on the road and the car is just like all the rest - it's used. The word "used" is not a negative term to me.

I like keeping things that have some miles on them - I have friendships that have a lot of miles on them and they are more valuable to me than ever. My sweet wife and I have been traveling life together for 35 years and it is a great road trip - I want more!

I saw a news item about a woman that had been driving the same old Mercury sedan for 40 years - she had over 500,000 thousand miles on this simple but reliable old car. There is something magic about that to me. In a world where everything is so disposable, it thrills me to see people who enjoy taking the long way home.

Just thinking, Steve

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