Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In the School of Life

The topic of education in America is a hot item these days. Everyone has an opinion about the solution for our ailing education system. The problems are complex and I feel very inadequate to mount a soap box and blame anyone for the challenges we face.

What I do know about is the joy of learning. After a lifetime of learning I feel as if I have only scratched the surface. One of the great blessings I have enjoyed is a love for reading and exploring and discovery. I am grateful to my parents, my teachers, my fellow students, my professors, and my mentors for modeling for me the joy of learning.

I never thought of learning as a way to make money but as the great adventure of living. Some kids make better grades than others in school but some kids have the great blessing of falling in love with learning. For whatever reason, I have a great love affair with learning. I love to read, to reflect, to ask questions, to explore - to dig deeper. I am not sure where this love was born but I am so grateful.

Tony Compollo has this wonderful story he tells about growing up in Philadelphia. Each morning this very Italian American boy walked to school with his Jewish friend down the street. Each morning the last word from the Jewish boys Mother was "Do you have your books?" For Tony, the Italian kid, the last word from his Mother was always "Do you have your lunch?"

Not all families have the same passion for education but it doesn't mean that we have to miss out on the great adventure of learning.

One of the highlights of my adult daughter's life each month is Book Club. She loves it. Reading and then talking with others who love to read and learn and grow. Like her Mom, who is an avid reader, even with a busy career, a husband, and two kids, my daughter has not lost her love for learning. Nothing makes me happier.

Until we fall in love with learning all arguments and blame about education problems seem pretty useless to me.

Just thinking, Steve


  1. Gotta love those book club babes! An inquiry about speaking in Jefferson TX led me to meet the Pulpwood Queens, who tout that they are the largest book club in the world. Could be. http://www.pulpwoodqueen.com/

    Can't wait for my next visit to Jefferson to check out their beauty and book shop and their selection of tiaras...and maybe sell a few books too.

  2. A guy on the plane after observing me read for couple of hours in flight said he wished he loved to read. I thought, that would be like me saying, I wished I loved to breathe.

    Reading is life! I have been to Jefferson but I missed the tiaras...Steve