Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Time of Feasting and Celebration

On the heels of Thanksgiving and the joyous times of feasting and gratitude I am glancing forward into the month of December. What is ahead is more feasting, more celebrations, more parties and more pounds to battle!

I am convinced that we have a great deal to learn about celebration. We tend to make it something for special occasions which results in over indulging in food, drink, and spending. I am all for celebration - I noticed with great joy that Jesus never turned down an invitation to a dinner. He did turn down the invitation to teach, to preach, and to heal on occasion but never an invitation to dinner. He did his first miracle at a wedding feast and turned the water into wine (not grape juice) and saved the celebration from disaster and embarrassment. Jesus loved a party!

But celebration is more than just food and drink, it is a matter of the heart. In the well-known stories of Jesus in Luke 15, the theme is joy. "Rejoice with me" v. 6 "Rejoice with me" v. 9 "So they began to celebrate." v. 24 The reason for joy is important: a wayward person comes home to his loving Father. When one person turns toward the loving arms of God, it is time to have a feast, strike up the band, dance and celebrate!(v.22-24)

With all the parties and celebrations of December, Christmas and the New Year, I want to remind myself that life year round is meant to be joyous and a celebration! Even without the tinsel, the music, the bright lights we are to rejoice and again, I say rejoice! The joy of the Lord is our strength.

One son, one daughter, one neighbor, one friend who sees the Father running to meet them -- yes sir, that's a reason to have a celebration!

Just thinking, Steve

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