Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ten for Ten

As the end of the decade draws near people are reflecting on the most important events of the decade - big news items - things that made the front page and were talked about forever on the so-called news channels. For me those events pale in significance to the more personal events that shaped my decade. I offer 10 for my last 10:

1. 2000 - Running the Big Sur Marathon - the most beautiful and challenging course I have ever run - outstanding! Finishing into the arms of my sweet Linda was so good!

2. 2001 -The initial planning for our new campus and new church building began with hopes and prayers! Looking back, what a miracle God has done!

3. 2002 - The August birth of Ella Walker - the sweetest Granddaughter any Papa could ever have! I also ran Big Sur Marathon again, this time with my buddies Gary and Mike. Still remember Linda being so excited that she exclaimed, "Let's do something dangerous!"

4. 2003 - Running the New York City Marathon with my friend, Gary and 36,000 other amazing people - including P Diddy and his entourage! I dedicated this 26th Marathon to my Dad, who passed away in 2003. We started the race on Staten Island where my Dad did his Medic training during WWII. I still miss dear old Dad. If heaven has dominoes, Dad is at the table!

5. 2004 - The June birth of Owen Walker - my favorite Grandson - no boy has ever made his Papa feel so loved and appreciated!

6. 2005 - Our Fall vacation to the East Coast in Northern Florida - beautiful sunrises, sunsets and perfect weather! Reading, relaxing and recharging with the love of my life, Linda! Having generous friends like Jack and LuAnne made this possible - so blessed!

7. 2006 - Completing my first Triathlon - wet, hot, exhausting and exhilarating! Those hills outside San Marcos were brutal on that bike - thank the Lord for the downhill at the end of the bike course.

8. 2007 - Frio Fun with the Grand kids - a great week on the River with family - river was flowing and the perfect Hill Country weather made those morning runs so enjoyable!

9. 2008 - Moving to our new church campus and church building - what an amazing journey!What a beautiful gift from God!

10. 2009 - Our first Easter at our new Church Campus - over 800 people celebrating the Risen Lord and a new beginning for this good old church family!

None of these events made the front page or headline news but they shaped my life and I am so grateful! As I think about it, the best times of life are times with people you love! I want more!

Who knows the exciting personal events that are ahead - hang on tight - 2010 is on the way!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and New Decade to all!

Just thinking, Steve


  1. LOVE this idea... you may be seeing a similar post on my blog sometime soon!

    How wonderful that Linda is a part of these wonderful things. Even races, that one might think are solely about you and your accomplishments, your example of a solid marriage shines brightly!! Love you both and here's to 10 more great years of watching this church family grow and grow!!

  2. Bless the Grace family! Love you much! Have a joyous Christmas with the boys!

  3. I am sure you meant for 2006 to say, "the arrival of Dustin Gist as a minister at the Conroe church of Christ."

  4. Some things are so important that they cannot be put on a Ten for Ten "blog list" - your arrival was that important. Thanks for being a blessing again and again!

    Feeling better, now?