Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset - Such Beauty!

On our recent fall getaway to the Atlantic coast I was reminded again of the beauty of a simple sunrise over the ocean and the stunning beauty of an evening sunset over the bay. Part of the reason these sunsets and sunrises were so breathtaking was the hand that I was holding when I saw them - the hand of my gorgeous wife. Linda makes any sunrise or sunset more beautiful for me.

The variety of colors and hues and shapes with each sunrise and sunset is endless. Each one has it's own look - each one painting the sky like a gifted artist. As I witnessed each one I heard myself "oohing and awing", as if I was watching a fireworks display on the Fourth of July!

Another reason that these sunsets and sunrises were so wonderful was my state of mind - I was chillin'. I was so relaxed that I literally did not know what day it was, at times. This is not my normal behavior. I am addicted to clocks, watches, calendars, appointment books and lists. I was liberated from all these and my mind and heart was very receptive to simple and powerful beauty all around me.

Today I am back in the pace of clocks and appointments, voice mails, text messages, e-mails, and a long list of things to do. What I do not want to lose is in this fast paced world I live in each day is my appreciation for beauty.

My prayer is that I will see the beauty in a problem solved and the beauty in a task well done. I want to see the beauty of teamwork as co-workers work together to tackle important matters and do our best to be successful in our calling. I want to see the beauty of doing research and discovering new ideas for new challenges. I long to see the beauty in being a good listener and a kind helper to those facing difficulties in their life.

The teacher of Ecclesiastes wrote: "Everything is beautiful in its time." Ecclesiastes 3:11.

Just thinking, Steve

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