Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Than a Genius Bar

Recently my I-Pod Nano quit working. I had just finished a long run listening to my favorite music as I cruised along. I tried everything to make it work. I hooked it up to my PC and reloaded all my favorite tunes, which turned out to be about 1500 songs. I charged the battery and thought it would be fine. Nothing.

I went online to find out about service for my I-Pod and found out that I just needed to go to the Apple store and visit the "Genius Bar". So I made my appointment and arrived to see my name on the big screen just above the Genius Bar. I looked around in this strange place and there were nerds everywhere. I have never felt so out of place and nervous. I was sure that the Geek at the counter would ask me all kinds of technical questions and I would stand there like a dunce.
To my delight and surprise, the guy who helped me spoke my language. And within minutes, I had a bright blue I-Pod Nano in my hand and I was on my way.

I have to say my visit to the Genius Bar made me think. What I wanted was a quick and easy solution to my problem and that is what I received. Honestly, I don't work for Apple and have no real knowledge of the company other than I have an I-Pod and I love to listen to music. But they are on to something - people want simple, easy solutions to their problems. I am sure it does not always work this smooth.

The problem with life is that most of our real problems can not be solved in a few minutes at some kind of spiritual "Genius Bar". Oh, I wish it would work that way - but it doesn't.

I read recently about a remarkable woman who is today a successful educator, writer, loving Mom, Grandmother and devoted spouse. When she was a child she worshipped her Father, thinking he was the spitting image of the Lord God Almighty. He turned out to be a horrible person. He abused her without mercy, making her feel she deserved it. He had countless affairs and treated her Mom like property. She admitted that it took her 20 years of her adult life to feel whole again after this pain and to move on to the rich and wonderful life she now enjoys. There was no "Genius Bar" that she could step up to get a quick fix. But through faith, love, and the support of people who believed in her she now lives free of the baggage of her painful past.

Her story inspires me and reminds me that even though real problems take time to solve the real solution is worth the effort.

Just thinking, Steve

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