Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crazy Stuff

Sometimes when I see and hear some interviews on television I just want to scream, "Don't do it - don't talk - run away - you sound crazy!" The latest Charlie stuff is that kind of scene. While others want to crucify this guy, my heart goes out to him. His lifestyle of drug abuse, sexual chaos, and all the rest has him living in an alternate universe! He is crashing and burning and sadly he does not even know it. When I heard his delusional thinking and bizarre answers my heart ached for him and for all those his life touches.

Instant media has the power to destroy people in seconds. A few words - an odd look (which is real easy for me) - and you can be history.

One of my favorite writers was the late Dr. Lewis Smedes. Smedes made the mistake of going on a national television program to talk about his life of faith and service to others. It all seemed like a good opportunity. By the time his words were edited and manipulated, the sound bites that were the end result of a 45 minute interview did not even resemble the conversation that took place. Smedes received hate letters, threats, and almost lost his job as a Professor at the University where he had worked with passion for more than 20 years. The media regularly destroys peoples lives and it is scary. We have created a monster. The Internet, with all it's potential for good, is the most dangerous bit of technology to enter our world in a millennium.

Poor Charlie sounds so strange but I have no desire to watch a 10 second sound bite and then decide to brutalize him. I decided rather to pray for him. Just me, but I hope when I sound kind of odd and from another planet someday, someone will show some compassion and lead me back to my padded room. Give me some Chocolate milk and cookies and I will be fine.

Just thinking, Steve

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