Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rest from Work

I am preparing to leave my work for a brief sabbatical. The word sabbatical is simply defined as a rest from work - a hiatus. In it's strictest sense it may last from several months to a year - mine is certainly not that long. I am very fortunate and blessed to have the time for rest and reflection.

The problem is that I love to work. Maybe I am even addicted to work. I had my first part-time job for pay when I was 10 years old. I have been working ever since. I have never been unemployed (I know that is a remarkable blessing.). I have always found work meaningful and rewarding. For one thing, I like to eat and my Dad said, (quoting Paul, the apostle) "If you don't work, you don't eat." I have enjoyed some work situations more than others but have always found work invigorating and a source of great satisfaction.

So now I will take my leave and rest. This is easier said than done. I may need a support group to help me pull this off. My dear wife has volunteered to help. Making a list for every day and attacking it with great determination will need to be set aside for a while and that will be a challenge. The first few days may be like being in the detox unit.

Jesus told his harassed and busy Disciples to "Come away and rest for awhile." I guess if Jesus needed some "sabbath" time, surely I do. In one of the translations of that text, it reads "Come apart..." - Jesus is telling his friends to come apart before they come apart. Time for rest and reflection helps us to restore a healthy perspective about our life and work.

I have a stack of books to read. I plan to take long walks with my dear spouse. If I can get my mind to stop thinking about work, I plan to think about other things - like life, love, and good Mexican food.

I also plan to spend plenty of time in prayer. It will be nice to not feel like I have to rush through my times of prayer.

I will tell you how it went in a few weeks. In the meantime, I have some work to get done before I leave. (Now I can check "Blog entry" off my list for today- I feel better already.)

Just thinking, Steve