Sunday, May 30, 2010

Watching People

I admit it. One of my favorite things to do is to watch people. My wife and I do this when we are on vacation, in a department store, having dinner at a favorite spot - anywhere we see people we are intrigued by their behavior. As far as we can tell, we are really the only normal people left on the planet. Just kidding.

I watched the Father fuming about something and his kids listening to him with painful looks on their faces. The man clearly had no idea how strange he looked with his ranting and raving behavior.

We watched the little children on the playground running and climbing and falling. Some of them seemed totally free and willingly to try anything. Others seemed timid and hesitant and worried how the other children are reacting to them.

I watched a group of teens together - no one was talking to each other. Each one was texting or twittering or facebooking - but they never spoke to each other. Seemed odd to be with your friends and to not talk to each other.

I watched two guys looking over a new bass boat - they were so excited. Their eyes were lit up and their conversations were so animated. Like kids in a candy store.

I watched an older couple having dinner - he cut up her meat. She touched his hand. They seemed very content and happy.

All the world is a stage -- there is drama going on all around us. I wonder what people say about me when they see me. Do they say "He seems so excited about life - happy - those two have been together for a long time. They really enjoy each others company. That must be their Grand Kids with them - what great fun they all seem to be having."

I hope people see something like that because that really is my life.

Remember: I am watching you! So for heaven's sake do something amazing!

Just thinking, Steve