Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lost Thoughts

The end is near. Those who have been addicted to this strange phenomenon called "Lost" will watch the final episode this Sunday. The title is really appropriate because the more I discuss it with others the more "lost" I feel.

I am glad that this is all going to be over soon. I have lost my bearings and need to get back to believing that I know where I am and what is happening. What happened to those days when I always knew who the bad guys were and who the good guys were? It may have all be a facade but it was so comforting to feel as if you knew who you could trust.

So I plan to swear off any more long pondering thoughts about the meaning of "Lost". What it really means is that the people who wrote, produced, and starred in this series are now loaded and famous and will be headed to Tuscany for a long vacation with no concern about the cost. I on the other hand will do my normal low cost vacation to the Hill Country and watch what I spend while I am there.

My favorite story about a guy lost on a tropical island goes like this: A guy falls off a cruise ship and survives, swimming his way to a beautiful beach on a tiny island in the Pacific. After he has lived there for many years all by himself, one day a boat lands on the beach with a couple on board. He welcomes them to the island and takes them to his beach hut that he has constructed. He prepares a meal with all the fresh fruits and nuts that grow on the island. They are quite impressed with his hut and the food and the life that he has carved out for himself. He asks if they would like a tour of the island and they said sure. So he takes them on a walking tour of the island and they arrive at a beautiful little chapel - a church building that he had built himself. He told them this is where he worships each Sunday. They continued their tour and soon arrived at another little church building. The guests were very puzzled - "What is this?" they asked. The man responded: "This is where I used to go to church before I got mad and left and built the new church building you saw earlier."

I could not resist. Sorry. It would be funnier if there was not something prophetic in the little story.

Enjoy the last episode of "Lost". I am expecting something bizarre. And, of course, that is really why I watch - the expectation of something really weird.

Just thinking, Steve


  1. So, what did you think of the finale?
    I'd love to hear your take on the spiritual aspect of the final episode.

  2. I enjoyed the end of "Lost" - it was entertaining. All the discussion of "spiritual meanings" makes me a bit uncomfortable - the writers of this series played games with us. I just had fun being "dazed and confused" after each episode. The only spiritual application that I have made for me is that I need to spend less time watching TV!

  3. 一棵樹除非在春天開了花,否則難望在秋天結果。.........................

  4. I'm one of those guys who finds stuff everywhere. My youth group used to say that there was NO movie I couldn't find a devo in. Having said that, I did find some spiritual meaning that, at least for me, tied into Dustin's current thread over on his blog.
    My thoughts at:
    If you're interested.