Monday, May 11, 2009

Thinking About Mom's

Mom's day - what a day! We celebrated by having all the little babies with their parents on stage at church as we prayed for them! It was beautiful chaos!

My clever Grandson, Owen, got up on Mom's day with a plan. He told his Mom, (my daughter), "Mom, it's your day to celebrate! Let's put the slip 'n slide out in the back yard!" Just what Mom wanted for Mom's day!

The demands on women are way over the top. If I listed my top ten hardest working human beings I have ever known, 8 out of 10 would be women. My Mom married my Dad on a Sunday afternoon and the next morning they were both working in the cotton fields in Central Texas. It was the depression but they were very blessed because they both had jobs. They worked 6 days a week and their combined weekly income was $15. Wow - party like its the 1930's! When I would wake up in the mornings my Mom would be up working and singing old hymns with her squeaky voice - when I went to bed at night she was still up working! Despite the challenges of raising 6 children and working from "can to can't" she was a very happy person.

When I was applying for Grad School years ago I went through a two day period of psychological testing and evaluation. I guess they were trying to "weed out" the crazies - I have no idea how I made it through such a screening. One of the tests was the old Rorschach Inkblot test - you know, "look at these shapes and tell us what you see." One of my buddies told me ahead of time not to say, "It looks like my Mother..." I was so nervous that every blot looked like my Mom but I never said so.

When I listen to people in therapy sessions, Mother's do come up on occasion. Mom's seem to get more blame than is fair. They are human beings just like the rest of us. There are some horrible Mom's and a few really amazing ones - most are just normal human beings trying their best.

My Mom was a genuinely good person and a thoughtful Mom - my wife and daughter are both good Mom's - I have been blessed by the women in my life and I am better for it!

Just thinking, Steve

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