Thursday, May 28, 2009

Keep Your Head on the Phone

Owen, my Grandson, is a very helpful young fellow. He is always giving Papa and Nana (my wife and I) instructions about how to do something properly. For example, when you are talking on the cell phone, he will tell you "Keep your head on the phone, Papa."

I have a feeling that this is something passed along from the wise instruction of his parents.

This week I have been keeping my head on the phone. Life, work, troubles, and daily challenges have had me on the phone for literally hours each day. I am not a phone person. I find them helpful at times but often a huge time distraction and honestly a big waste of time and energy. There are times when being on the phone comes with the job and cannot be avoided.

Owen is right. There are times when we you must "keep your head on the phone." I am glad every week is not like this one.

Vacation is coming soon. I will not have my head on the phone then - yahoo!!

Sorry the phone is ringing - time to put my head on the phone, again!

Just thinking, Steve

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