Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strange People

My wife and I just returned from an annual conference of Ministers and their spouses. The Conference was great and we were blessed. One thing I have to admit; Ministers are an odd group of people. They are just strange. I have known this about myself for many years and despite intense therapy and trying to change my weird ways, I am as strange as ever.

For example, ministers are about the easiest group to amuse that you will find. Anyone who is even slightly humorous will get a warm reception. We love to laugh. We like to laugh hard - the kind of laughing where you spray milk out your nose. This happens to me and I don't even drink milk any more.

We also love touching stories. There was so much crying at this conference. People would tell their stories and we would all just cry and applaud them for sharing their tear jerking stories. So go ahead and tell us your stories but remember to have some tissues available for the water works.

One other thing; we love free stuff. At this conference, with each session there would be free books or C.D.'s or pens or whatever and we acted like we had won the lottery. I guess we need to get out more.

Some people are embarrassed by their chosen profession or vocation. At times when ministers act like jerks, I am embarrassed. But on the whole I have found that these odd people who are called to ministry are delightful people. I am glad to be who I am.

Strange is beautiful in a strange way.

Just thinking, Steve

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