Monday, February 9, 2009

Beautiful Music

I am not a musician but I love music. I could listen to music all day. When I see the kids with their I-Pods I am a bit jealous. I get it. Music is good. I cannot get enough music. The stuff I like is odd and I know that but music soothes my soul.

At the Grammys there is all kinds of music, most of which I don't find very interesting. I read this morning that Robert Plant and Alison Krause won best album and several Grammys. What an odd pair they are! Plant is famous for his days with Led Zeppelin and Krause has the classic blue grass/country voice - how could such a pair make beautiful music? I thought their album, Raising Sand was surprising and remarkable. I have really enjoyed it. T Bone Burnett is a talented producer who finds some of the most unusual sounds to make great music.

It reminds me that life has a way of bringing together some of the most surprising people to do remarkable things. Beauty is often produced in that strange place where two very different people connect.

Sometimes when I see two people together in a marriage I am amazed that they are together. They seem so different from one another and yet the combination of their two unique personalities produces something spectacular.

I get so bored with people who think that we all should be "clones" of each other. I am thankful that you are not like me and I know that you are grateful for the same. Let's celebrate our uniqueness and work together to make some beautiful music.

Just thinking, Steve

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