Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Reluctant Blogger

I confess that I am a reluctant blogger. I have read only a few blogs over the years and told myself that I would never get the blogger bug.

And now here I am doing what I said I would never do.

This is the story of my life. I said I would never run a marathon and I ran 26 marathons, the last one in New York City with 35,000 of my closest friends. I laughed when someone said that I should do a Triathlon - I did 3 Triathlons last year. My Father was a minister and I pledged that I would never even consider being a minister - I have been a minister for 30 plus years, 23 of those years with the same church.

I have discovered that eating my words has become a major part of my daily diet.

I will never go to Disney World and wear the same shirt that my wife is wearing. If I do this please lock me away somewhere so that I will not be a danger to my self and others.

Life is really about doing things that we never planned to do and learning something new about ourself and about others.


1 comment:

  1. I am not sure I understand your comment regarding Disney World - do you mean you will go to Disney World, but not if you and your wife are wearing matching shirts?