Thursday, June 16, 2011

When the Underdog Wins

I love Basketball but the NBA finals had no appeal to me when the games began this year. The Miami Heat are easy to dislike, with their high paid, self-centered players boasting of a dynasty that does not exist. But I have lived most of my working career in the shadows of Houston and it is the job of anyone in the Houston area to detest anything from Dallas. So I simply had no interest in the games.

Then when I returned from a brief vacation I made the mistake of watching one of the games. I was hooked. The games were close with fierce defense and amazing basketball by both teams.
The Mav's, those detestable Dallas guys, were clearly the underdogs according to all the "experts". But, of course, the experts are often wrong - so Dirk and the guys upset the Heat and ended the series in a very convincing fashion. Another underdog is the winner!

I think one of the appeals of Jesus was that he was always rooting for the underdog. The people everyone had written off as hopeless were the focus of much of his attention and mission. I have always enjoyed Luke's narrative about the life of Jesus because it overflows with stories of Jesus reaching out to the outcast, the down and outs, and the underdogs.

The underdog story inspires us perhaps because we realize that we could be a winner too!

I ended up rooting for those Dallas guys to win! (I cannot believe I am actually admitting that!)

Take courage - even if you feel like an underdog you could be an amazing winner - Jesus has a way of making the most unlikely champions! (Samaritan women, Tax collectors, Lepers, Uneducated fishermen and more!)

Just thinking, Steve

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