Tuesday, May 31, 2011


What do you do for recreation? Tennis? Golf? Reading? Running? Travel? You may be aware that recreation is big business. Billions of dollars are spent by human beings to enjoy recreation.

The word recreation is a truly amazing concept to me - the idea that we can experience "creation again" or "creation renewal". What recharges and recreates people varies dramatically from one person to the next. One friend loves to ride motorcycles and takes 3000 mile rides to Canada and back, while his wife loves to curl up with a good book. Both feel "recreated" when they are able to do these things that they routinely are not able to do.

The people who cannot understand how a 10 mile run on a hilly trail would be recreation are often the people who enjoy sitting by the pool and sipping on their favorite cold beverage. Both experiences help people recover from the daily grind of life.

God, our creator, designed us to last a long time, if we understand the need for recreation along the way. Even in the creation story of Genesis we can see this principle at work - on the Sabbath God rested. The cycle of taking "sabbath" is a re-creation principle. We need time to stop work - to get recharged - to reflect - to rest - so that we are ready for the challenges that are ahead.

So as we begin the summer months - take time for recreation - get recharged so that you can be better at everything - a better spouse, a better parent, a better servant of Christ, a better friend.

Just thinking, Steve

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