Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No Mask Needed

As a kid, I could not get over the idea that on one night each year we could go house to house and get all the free candy we could bag and then come home and eat it. All we had to do is wear a really cheap and cheesy costume that made us look just a little like a Cowboy or Superman or Popeye or Snow White or Cinderella. This was just too good to be true. These costumes included a plastic mask with a couple holes in it and the cheapest rubber band on the back to hold it in place. The rubber band always broke and you could never breathe out of those holes.

Trick or Treat was the magic phrase and the goodies would come our way - what a great deal! I cannot believe that my parents suspended all the rules on this night - wandering the streets in the dark, wearing weird clothes, and eating enough candy to cause anyone to become a diabetic over night! What were my parents thinking! Even crazier is that I did the same thing with my daughter and now with my Grand kids!

Wearing a mask is fine for Trick or Treating but wearing masks in our daily life can be disastrous. I am constantly amazed at the people I meet who are hiding behind a mask, trying to be someone they are not. Why do we do it? Some hide because they are afraid that if you knew who they really are you would not accept them or love them. Some wear masks to try to bully or intimidate others in to doing what they want.

Being real is basic to being healthy and content. Living in some kind of fantasy world about who we are is dangerous. How can we build real relationships if we cannot be real with the people we love and care about?

No masks are needed. Your creator knows what is under that mask - you can hide nothing.

"God so loved _________ "(put your name in the blank) not because of how you look or some human accomplishment - God's love sees through all the masks to the real me.

Just thinking, Steve

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