Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mountains Are For Climbing!

I love hiking and mountain climbing. My times out in the wilderness areas have been some of my most memorable outdoor experiences. There is nothing like climbing a peak and the exhilaration of being able to summit. All the effort, the pain, and facing our fears has been a good teacher in my life.

Lance Armstrong was the king of the Tour De France for several years - he could tackle a mountain on a bike like no one I have ever seen. He is one amazing athlete. But of course, Lance cannot win the Tour De France forever. Seeing him out there still riding is both inspiring and a reality check. He says this is his last Tour. Lance will have to find new mountains to tackle.

We all need new mountains from time to time in life to keep us excited and engaged. Life is a great adventure when we set new and challenging goals. One of my favorite writers challenged himself on his 75th birthday to write the book he had always wanted to write but had been afraid to tackle. Even though he had written more than 60 books, many of them best sellers, he set out to climb a new mountain by writing the book he never dared write!

Some start a new business, others adopt a child that needs a good home, others learn a new language, pursue a new course of study, volunteer to serve their community - whatever the new mountain climb it with joy, even when the going gets tough!

Challenge yourself - it will not only make your pulse race - it will bring new joy and satisfaction to your life!

Just thinking, Steve