Thursday, June 17, 2010

No Friends, Please

Please do not ask me to join Facebook. If you like it, fine. The whole "social network" thing is not for me. I am trying to keep my number of "friends" to a manageable number. Really about a half dozen really good friends is all I can manage - having 5,000 would drive me nuts. Just buying a birthday present for all of them would send me into bankruptcy!

I need friends who have skin. Friends that I can look in the eye and know. I want friends who are so real that I know what they look like when they are not all dressed up and not trying to impress someone.

I have no interest in connecting with all these people from the distant past - I am sure they are living wonderful lives but I want to live today, not in the fantasy world of the past. My Grand Kids are better looking and smarter than theirs are anyway. What else would we talk about?

If I ever do choose to join Facebook please forgive me now for making fun of all of you who are currently addicted. Perhaps we can start a support group and become friends. Surely the 12 Steps could be adapted to those addicted to Facebook: "Hello, my name is Steve and I am a Facebookaholic."

Someone will say, "Steve, I started with just an occasional blog, then started reading blogs everyday, before I knew it I was "twittering away" and now I am a member of every social network available - you see what happens!"

It makes me tremble to think where all this might lead - it's a slippery slope, my friends!
There I go, using that dreaded word "friends"!

Just thinking, (and kidding around) Steve