Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Growing Season

Spring has sprung, my friends. I can tell because my nose is dripping and my azaleas are blooming. After the coldest winter that I ever recall, this spring has been especially welcome. During my morning run, I am amazed at the beauty and overwhelmed how quickly things have come to life after the cold of winter. Flowers in bloom, trees bursting with new leaves, and the humming birds hard are work draining my feeder - everything is alive and growing!

There are seasons of growth for humans, as well. I think I am in a genuine season of growth. My love for my work, my passion for being successful and for making a difference may be at an all time high. I want to be a better friend, a more loving husband, a more attentive neighbor, and a more dedicated Grandparent. I am not sure why, but I welcome this "spring" in me with an open heart.

I have enjoyed my quiet time so much lately: praying, meditating on what I read, being still and listening for God's voice and direction. I am also experiencing growing pains, challenging me to think outside my little territory into the vast open places that God would take me. It is exciting and just a bit frightening.

C.S. Lewis once told the story of what happened in his life when he let God take control. He said I first thought it would be so pleasant to have God in the "house of my daily life". But then I noticed that when he moved in he began doing a total renovation, adding on a room here and building a tower there. Before I knew it, he had begun to totally change me - reshaping me from the inside out. His plan was to build a new house of my life and this he proceeded to do.

It's spring - time to witness the creation come to life and to embrace what God will do with our lives. Brace yourself my friend, an adventure lies ahead!

Just thinking, Steve


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