Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Looking for Beauty

I am discovering again and again that we choose what we see in life. Some people seem to only see the ugly side of life. I challenge myself to look for beauty everyday. When I look closely I see it in abundance.

Here is just a sample of the beauty I see:

A husband holding the hand of his dear wife as they listen to the news about her biopsy.
Children playing together at a neighborhood playground with sounds of laughter in the air.
A young mother kissing her little baby, talking, and smiling, as the little one coos with delight.
A Father and Son working in the yard together, stopping to stand in the shade and drinking ice cold tea.
A nurse being especially gentle with one of her patients who is frightened and alone.
A cool rain in the early morning hours after months of dry weather.
Listening to the corny jokes of my six year old Grandchild and laughing with gusto!
Watching an armadillo snooping around my back yard, looking like something prehistoric.
Seeing a hawk take flight as I top a steep hill on my morning run.
Observing a family as they search for shells together on the beach.
Seeing the joyous smile of a young couple on their wedding day.
Eating watermelon with my grandchildren on the Fourth of July.
Seeing the sweet smile of my wife as we walk along side the Gulf of Mexico together.

Life is beautiful. Do you look for the beauty?

Jesus said of the woman who anointed him with perfume, "She has done a beautiful thing."
Others only looked for ugliness - Jesus saw the beauty. (Mark 14:6)

Give it a try. It is the ultimate in an "attitude adjustment".

Just thinking, Steve


  1. Great post - I love the visuals you shared. God has blessed us with much beauty - we just need to open our eyes and see.

  2. Thanks Kelly. Have a beautiful day! Steve