Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I've Got Problems

People with problems like to hang out with me. Like a moth drawn to a light people who struggle will all kinds of problems want to talk to me, spend time with me, and otherwise clutter up my day.

When I rise each morning I have this idea bouncing around in my head that today will be different. I will make my plan, assemble my list, and "getter done". Sorry, it never happens. People with their problems find me and hijack my day. They want to talk and want me to listen. They want to pray and want me to pray with them. They want to cry and they want me to supply tissue and a shoulder. Why do they do this? Don't they know I have important things to do. You know - stuff -work stuff and pastoral duties and howdy duties and baby hugging and deep thoughts about how many angels can rest upon a pin. I have places to go and people to see. And yet they keep asking for a moment or two of my day.

O.K. I know why it happens. It's because I have problems, too. Those who know me, know about my genetic flaws, my un-original sins, my blatant weaknesses and they feel at home with me. Now I am not proud of my problems or my failures or my sins but I am honest about them.

Kidding aside, I am humbled that anyone would want to open up and share their problems with me. I do like to find solutions for problems but the journey is rarely a simple one.

So that's it - I've got problems. Being fully human is to face and tackle our problems with courage and faith. And this I will do.

Just thinking, Steve


  1. Steve,

    Is that why people knock on my door? So, you're telling me the reason people flock around is that I've got problems not good advice. Hmmm.

    Yesterday, I had a similar call from someone who wanted to come by and talk. A few seconds after setting a time, it dawned on me that this non-church-goer is one of the five people on my SOS list, one of the five I've been praying for since the beginning of the year. I had to smile wheile they were sitting in my office, knowing that God had drawn the roadmap for both our days, and it led to my office and a session of listening for me. Listening to the person, and better yet, listening to God's direction to me.

    Thank you for your compelling and honest words.

  2. One more example of how God honors our prayers in such surprising and unexpected ways.

    Keep listening! You are appreciated! Steve